Racist Soda

Given that diet soda is no more expensive than regular soda, Gallup discovers more evidence of hedonistic, lack-of-impulse-control, behavior among our vibrant, non-white population. (“Regular Soda Popular With Young, Nonwhite, Low-Income“. Hat tip: AmRen):

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Young adults, nonwhites, and the low-income in the U.S. drink more regular soda than other Americans. Half of Americans aged 18 to 29 say they drink regular soda, making them the most likely to do so across not only age groups, but also across all major demographic and socioeconomic groups. Nonwhites (46%) and low-income Americans (45%) — two groups among the most likely to be obese — follow just behind the young in regular soda consumption.


I used to work in a grocery store many moons ago while in high school. A few observations from my years there, and from discussions with dept managers:

  • In ‘urban’ grocery stores, produce as a percentage of store sales is lowest, and meat as a percentage of sales is highest. In suburban stores, the exact opposite is true.
  • In ‘urban’ grocery stores, to quote one Dairy Manager, “You could have Breakstone’s low fat sour cream on sale for half-price, and they’d still buy the more expensive, whole fat sour cream.”
  • In ‘urban’ grocery stores, notice the milk displays. You will see way more space for ‘red cap’ whole milk vs. lower fat ‘blue cap’ milk. The opposite is true in suburban stores.
  • In ‘urban’ grocery stores, sales of deodorizers far outpace the sale of cleaning products. After all, simply spraying an area is much easier than actually cleaning it.

The list could go on and on.

You get the idea.

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