Rebecca Kaplan: CA Perfectly Embodied in One Person

In the first segment of Tucker’s show tonight, his guest was the gorgeous “Rebecca” Kaplan, Oakland City Council Member and (apparently) proud Jewish lesbian… or something or other. The rainbow-colored Star of David lapels are an especially nice, intersectional touch. If only we were to find out she’s half Hispanic, she would be a walking embodiment of CA.

Kaplan was on Tucker’s show to (naturally) defend California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s shocking promise to prosecute CA employers (and presumably individuals) if they in any way assist federal immigration officials in finding illegal immigrants.

Kaplan’s attempt at the end of the segment to rhetorically mock Tucker was also classy: She pulls out a Bible as she says “Hey, Tucker, let me ask you a question. You believe in the Bible, right?”, before Tucker cuts her off and ends the segment.

Kaplan would make a wonderful spokesman/Spokeswoman/Spokesze for CA.

The fetching Rebecca Kaplan.

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