Rinkeby, Sweden: Celebrate Diversity

From Gates of Vienna:

The following video was taken from bodycam footage recorded by one or more police officers in Rinkeby, the notorious culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. I assume the situations depicted in these clips is fairly typical of what the police have to deal with in Rinkeby.

Rinkeby is also where the Australian 60 Minutes crew was assaulted by Cultural Enrichers.

Even The Weekly Standard, vis-à-vis a column by Paulina Neuding of the Swedish center-right daily Svenska Dagbladet, writes of “The Truth About Sweden”:

But no-go zones cannot simply be dismissed as a myth. Gordon Grattidge, chairman of a Swedish ambulance trade union, explained to me that no-go zones are a reality for paramedics in Sweden. There are areas where first responders can’t enter without police escort. Grattidge’s assessment is that ambulances are forced to retreat from such areas on a weekly basis.

How, then, should we understand the connection between crime and immigration in Sweden? Former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt had the facts right when he tweeted in response to Trump: “Last year there were app 50% more murders only in Orlando/Orange in Florida, where Trump spoke the other day, than in all of Sweden. Bad.” That comparison, while correct, misses the point. Of course Sweden has not turned into Orlando or, for that matter, Chicago. But in a short time—maybe as short as two decades—Sweden has gone from a nation rightly considered a model of social cohesion, equality, low crime, and political stability to a society with growing enclaves of social unrest….

Crime in these areas is not just new in scope, but also in kind. Systematic attacks on paramedics and firefighters were an unknown phenomenon in Sweden only a generation ago.

Videos like this portend just how violent and widespread the coming Civil Wars of the West will be.

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