RINO Discovers GOP Civil War

If you want to know what a relevant subject is, 6 months after it became relevant, tune into the writings and pontifications of David Brooks, the shiniest RiNO in the room.

New York Times columnist David Brooks said that the Republican Party is showing signs that it could be fractured by a “civil war” in the near future. The problem, he said, is that establishment and moderate GOP forces do not have the grassroots institutional network that the tea party has. If there were a civil war, Brooks added, the moderate Republicans would lose it.

Meet the Press host David Gregory said that many congressional conservatives see President Barack Obama as trying to fracture the GOP and therefore they believe they should not negotiate with him. Brooks replied by saying that many of Congress’ conservatives are behaving in a “dumb” fashion.

“The question is will the Republican Party have a civil war over the nature of the party? I think we’re seeing rumblings of that,” Brooks said.

However, he noted that conservatives are prepared for a civil war while establishment forces are not. “They don’t have a side,” Brooks said. “They have American Crossroads – a PAC. They have a cocktail party.”

“They actually need some fundraising efforts, some grassroots organizations to match the tea party or else the tea party will take over,” Brooks added.

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