Rod Tastes the Wrath

Dreher writes: “The alt-right in the US can’t stand me, considering me a Christian cuck,” before bemoaning how a prog in Australia (fellow white person Nick Riemer) wants to deplatform him.

We don’t hate you, Rod. We just want you to follow through with where your own logic ought to be taking you: identity politics for white people (aka indigenous Europeans) is not “white supremacism”. Also, the term ‘Alt Right’ has largely become useless: it now means whatever one wants it to mean.

White identitarianism ≠ white nationalism ≠ white supremacism. They are 3 very different things. White identitarianism (WI) is rational, and actually rather benign, given how every other ethnic group actively pursues ethnocentric identity politics. WI implies no superiority-complex. It simply recognizes that, in today’s political climate (and with mass migration rapidly leading to displacement), cognizance that ‘white people’ might have a set of common, collective, group interests is a rational conclusion, and that to then articulate these group interests (using the same tropes and chains-of-reasoning that POCs do) is also a rational reaction.

To pin one’s hopes on an idealized utopia where everyone simultaneously drops ethnocentrism is not only naïve but foolhardy and (given demographic changes) dangerous for Western nations that have been built by ‘whites’. Iterated game theory simulations show that ethnocentrism beats out every other strategy. It is not going away.

Reichstag Fires like the NZ shooting allow the Left to perpetually widen their definition of ‘hate speech’. In their eyes, you are no better than a nutty 1488 poseur like Andrew Anglin. If they have their way, the Left will deplatform you just like they have deplatformed voices like Gavin McInnes, Jared Taylor, and many others.

Get used to it.

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