Roger Daltrey: Why I’ll Never Forgive Labour

Because I’m a Who fan:

The Who frontman slammed Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for opening the floodgates to millions of migrant workers and “destroying the ambition” of the nation’s youngsters when Labour was in power.

The veteran rocker also said the band would have left Britain over sky-high taxes if Margaret Thatcher had not won power. And he called for Britain to leave the EU.

In an interview to mark The Who’s 50th anniversary tour, the 70-year-old said: “We are employing an ever-cheaper workforce, which can only drive the people at the bottom in this country further down. I’m not anti-immigrant or antiimmigration. But it’s pulling our country down…destroying ambition.”

The man who sang the 1965 teen anthem My Generation also hit out at the current crop of pop artists. The west London-born star said: “Here we are with the world in the state it is in, and we’ve got One Direction. Where are the artists writing with any real sense of angst and purpose?”

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