Roth’s Reads

From a profile of David Lee Roth last year:

“I’ve read all these,” he says, gesturing to the swollen bookshelves. The most important one he’s read recently is Christopher Hitchens’ memoir Hitch-22. He refers to the art books regularly, overseeing design needs for Van Halen. “I look forward to the longer flights because I’m actually able to read a full paperback uninterrupted. Here there’s a barrage of stimuli: the phone, email. Books shaped who I am early on — Jack London, Mark Twain. All those adventure magazines, like Argosy. Guys who went out into the territory and became merchant marines or opened up a bar somewhere in the South Pacific but then somehow came to own banana fields in Ecuador and then and then and then. And now I’m writing The Innocents Abroad in cyberspace.”

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