Rubio’s Sugar Daddy – Pt. 2

Marco ‘The Ice Cream Man’ Rubio has a knack for attracting open-borders, dual loyalty (i.e., pro-Israel), Jewish billionaires as sugar daddies.

Marco’s latest is Paul Singer, the founder of the Elliott Associates hedge fund. From the Daily Caller:

The recent news of hedge fund-billionaire Paul Singer picking Marco Rubio as his candidate for President might start a sorely needed dialogue long ignored within the GOP establishment. Along with Singer’s other favored choice, Jeb Bush, the New York Times tells us that Rubio reflects the Jewish billionaire’s top issues: open-borders and support for Israel. According to the Times, these are also the biggest issues for major GOP-funder Sheldon Adelson.

From the Jewish Journal:

Politically, Singer is extremely pro-Israel and a proponent of same-sex marriage. He is on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a major donor to The Israel Project.

James Kirkpatrick has more details, as does Mondoweiss.

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