Rush: More Alt-Right Exposure

If there is one good thing that emerges from this election cycle, it’s that the “Alt-Right” has gotten attention. From Rush Limbaugh’s show today (hat tip: MB):

CALLER: Longtime listener since I was a little kid. And what I think you see playing out right now with Trump and the GOP, all that, is there’s two competing versions of what conservatism is gonna be going forward, and I don’t know that the anti-Trump guys even know what they’re selling anymore. And by that I mean, if not being a perfect conservative was enough to sink Trump, he would already be sunk. It’s not that we don’t know that he’s not a conservative; it’s that we don’t care that he’s not a conservative. And the things that he’s conservative on are important enough and they’re of such an overriding nature, that they can’t — I mean, no one going to a Trump rally, I don’t think, cares about his position on tax cuts, you know, I don’t think they really believe in their heart of hearts that he’s pro-life, for example. But what he is conservative on are two issues that, going forward probably for the next 50 years that are gonna be really hot-button issues, are identity and immigration. And the rise of the alternative right and the more nationalistic right and the rise of Trump seem to have been hand-in-glove. I don’t know whether he’s leading them; I don’t know if we’re leading him —

RUSH: (laughing) I love this.Rush01

CALLER: — the relationship is definitely there, it’s growing. And I would just say this — and I think you touched on it last week.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Nationalism has a little bit more curb appeal right now than standard issue Republican conservatism…

As I’ve said before, I believe El Rushbo is much more sympathetic to the precepts of the Alt-Right than he lets on.

Unfortunately, given his current societal position within the media bubble-sphere, he’s unable to do much more than quietly nudge it forward.

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