Russian Zoos (Ethnostate) vs. U.S. Zoos (Multiculturalism)

The Sun has a story about a female zookeeper at a Russian zoo being attacked by a Siberian tiger, in front of horrified onlookers. There is a happy ending though:

The big cat pounced on the woman as she brought food to the animal – but her life was saved by onlookers who shouted and threw things at the beast.

Men even lifted a table and chairs from a nearby cafe, hurling them over the fence to distract the 15-year-old male called Taifun, or Typhoon.

The unnamed woman, from Kaliningrad, was badly mauled but was rushed to hospital is expected to survive.

This got me to thinking: If a similar situation happened at, say, the Baltimore Zoo, I imagine the crowd of onlookers wouldn’t intervene on the woman’s behalf… but we’d have a hundred different cell phone video angles of the zookeeper’s demise.

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