Salon: Kill Today’s Neo-Nazis in VR

At this point in time, an entire website could be dedicated to growing, liberal, cultural trend towards normalizing violence against ‘Nazis’ (e.g., anyone who disagrees with the NYT’s view of the world and, increasingly, anyone who is white.) One step at a time, this violent Antifa ethos is being embraced by mainstream liberals, such as Matthew Smith’s ‘The antidote to “Nazi next door” profiles’ in Salon:

[W]hat better way to push back against the normalization of white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers than with a video game that normalizes killing (virtual) Nazis?…

… “Wolfenstein 2” is a cathartic outlet for our country’s current crises. The company behind the game also executed the perfect marketing scheme for its brutally violent Nazi-killing simulator. Witness this marketing video depicting a Nazi being punched in-game, accompanied by the text “There is only one side.” Does this remind you of current events?..

Lately, there’s been a creepy trend of media outlets attempting to humanize Nazis and white supremacists; this was evident in the recent brouhaha over a New York Times profile of an avowed white nationalist, which took pains to describe said white nationalist’s love of “Seinfeld” and paint a loving portrait of how he “sauté[ed] minced garlic with chili flakes.” But “Wolfenstein” takes the opposite tack: no humanization here. Just good ol’ fashioned Nazi-killing. Maybe the New York Times should take a page from “Wolfenstein’s” book.

Libs like Smith find it a ‘creepy trend’ for the likes of the NYT (not exactly a paleo publication) presenting Alt Right figures in any context other than a caricature, a mustache-twisting villain.

Things are going to get more violent before they get more peaceful.

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