San Francisco Noir

The NYT has a travel section piece on “San Francisco Noir“. I’m a noir fanatic and, a couple of years ago, checked out a bunch of noir sites in SF. The city is second only to L.A. in terms of noir significance.

The article rightfully focuses on Dashiell Hammett and his novel The Maltese Falcon,

To that, I would add the wonderful B-film Dark Passage (1947), featuring Bogart & Bacall, and which holds a special place in my noir experience, as it was the first, classic, film noir I ever saw. The apt building where most of the action takes place is still there, and whomever owns the relevant upper level apt has a prominent cutout of Bogie in their window.

I would also include available settings and locales from Hitchcock’s immortal Vertigo.

There’s so many films one could add… Here’s a whole book on the subject.

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