Schumer Predicts “Mass Demonstrations” If House Blocks Amnesty Bill

Chuck Schumer sends the coded message to the “Si! Se puede!” folks to mass-demonstrate if the House doesn’t bend over and take it:

A senior Democratic senator predicted Sunday there could be massive demonstrations in Washington if House Republicans try to block a bill to grant legal status to millions of immigrants.

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the lead Democratic sponsor of the Senate immigration reform bill, said House Republicans would likely spark massive civil rights rallies if they try to quash measures to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country.

“This has the potential of becoming the next major civil rights movement. I could envision in the late summer or early fall if Boehner tries to bottle the bill up or put something in without a path to citizenship — if there’s no path to citizenship, there’s not a bill — but if he tries to bottle it up or do things like that, I could see a million people on the Mall in Washington,” Schumer said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

But how can they show up, out in the open, by the millions, when (as we’re told every day) they “live in the shadows”?

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