Separate Bathrooms are Discriminatory

If you want to get the instant, unreflective opinion of the liberal zeitgeist on any given topic, your best bet is Chris Matthews on MSNBC or Slate magazine.

Now that gay ‘civil rights’ has given way to the latest cause celebre, trangender ‘civil rights’, it will be only a matter of time (I’ve long been thinking) that the very idea of separate bathrooms for men and women will come to be seen as ‘discriminatory.’

And, right in cue, comes an article in Slate titled “ex-Segregated Public Restrooms Are an Outdated Relic of Victorian Paternalism”:

It’s easy to think of the push for gender-neutral public restrooms as an issue that matters only to transgender people—after all, they’re the ones left holding their bladders when the stress of constantly using the “wrong” bathroom gets to be too much. But as a straight man, gender-neutral bathrooms matter a lot to me, too—in part because I want the trans community to enjoy the same privileges I do…

Remember, though, there is no such thing as a slippery slope when it comes to the inertia of political correctness and identity politics.

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