Sessions on the Illegal Tax Bonanza

Of the illegal alien tax rebate bonanza that Luis Guitterize didn’t know about, one of the only Senators worth rooting for weighs in:

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said there was “no legal or moral justification” for the agency to approve tax refunds, which can reach upwards of $6,000 for families with more than three children.

“These are not tax ‘refunds’ but direct, free cash payments from the U.S. treasury to low-income illegal immigrants who owe no taxes,” said Sessions. “It is a dramatic cash transfer from lawful residents to unlawful residents, required by the president’s imperial amnesty.”

Under President Obama’s new executive order, illegal immigrants will now be able to apply for social security numbers, which will not only allow them to access federal aid programs and eventually enroll into the Social Security and Medicare systems, but also file back taxes for the past three years to take advantage of federal refunds.

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