Sheldon’s Sheckels

From a Politico piece on Sheldon Adelson’s reluctance to start throwing wads of cash into the GOP primary process, unlike the $100 million he put into the 2012 race last time around (“Sheldon Adelson and the missing $100 million“):

[H]e and his wife, who plays a major role in his corporate and political affairs, have at times appeared to be divided on the presidential race ― he is leaning toward Rubio, while she is said to favor Cruz. Both candidates are hawkish in their support of Israel…

Mort Klein, president of the hawkish Adelson-funded nonprofit group Zionist Organization of America said his old friend has long been committed to taking a more deliberative approach than he did in 2012.

“He said all along that he and his wife want to wait and see until what happens after a few primaries before they make a final decision. The last time I spoke to him about this issue was in December, and he said that again to me,” said Klein.

His organization hosted a 2014 dinner at which Cruz received an award for his support of Israel and got to sit next to the Adelsons.

Well, isn’t that nice.

Of a GOP debate in December:

Adelson watched that debate from a seat about eight rows from center stage, and multiple sources present described his reactions and body language as more supportive of Rubio than the other candidates.

I wonder why that might be?

Marquito is fond of robotically repeating how, when he saw evidence of Assad having gassed civilians, he wanted to “do something” about it.

Sound familiar?

In the Arab world, that level of barbarism and carnage goes on every week.

And we don’t send our troops over there, putting their lives in harm’s way, on such pretexts.

But, were someone’s Sugar Daddy keen on a dual loyalty to… I don’t know… Israel… maybe that Sugar Daddy’s puppet would be pro-invasion.

With respect to Establishment GOP candidates and their planned U.S. foreign policy, one must always ask ala Lenin: Who benefits?

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