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AFP reports on “‘Viva Mexico!’: Trump wall awakens Mexican patriotism

Mexico City (AFP) – Mexicans are replacing profile pictures on social media with their country’s flag. Others are calling for boycotts of American products like Coca-Cola and Starbucks…

On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, people are using the hashtag #WeAreAllMexico, punctuating anti-Trump tweets with cries of “Viva Mexico!” and boasting that they live in “the best country in the world.”…

President Enrique Pena Nieto’s spokesman, his foreign and finance ministers, and government departments have made the country’s green, white and red flag their profile photo on Twitter.

A slew of hashtags encourage Mexicans to stay away from American goods: #AdiosProductosGringos (goodbye gringo products), #AdiosStarbucks, #AdiosMcDonalds and #AdiosCocaCola.

Pena Nieto, whose popularity fell to 12 percent earlier in January after protests erupted over an increase in gasoline prices, has seized on the renewed patriotic pride.

In a video message late Monday, he touted this “national unity” and said it “must be the cornerstone of our strategy and our actions inside and outside the country.”

He boasted: “Today like never before, I feel proud to be Mexican.”…

“Mexico tends to be a nationalist country when it is attacked from outside,” said Damaso Morales, a foreign relations expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

So, again:

  • Nationalism in Mexico = good.
  • Nationalism in the U.S. = bad.
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