Silicone Valley’s News Filtering Jihad

In the wake of anti-conservative bias in Twitter trending manipulations, Twitter banning Alt-Right voices, and FB’s similar Orwellian attack against conservatism, I find this development terrifying:

Washington (AFP) – Facebook, Twitter and news organizations including Agence France-Presse have joined a coalition of media and technology groups seeking to filter out online misinformation and improve news quality on social networks.

First Draft News, which is backed by Google, announced Tuesday that some 20 news organizations will be part of its partner network to share information on best practices for journalism in the online age.

Jenni Sargent, managing director of First Draft, said the partner network will help advance the organization’s goal of improving news online and on social networks.

“Filtering out false information can be hard. Even if news organizations only share fact-checked and verified stories, everyone is a publisher and a potential source,” she said in a blog post.

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