We can check off another entry in the JAPCAT phenom (i.e., the niche journalistic phenomenon of the past year wherein progressive Jewish liberals, when they themselves find themselves on the receiving end of Politically Correct antics, begin to question such Political Correctness.)

In liberal Slate magazine, Rebecca Schuman has a piece click-bait-titled “Academia’s P.C. Brigade Has Started Policing the F-Word. That’s Taking It Too Effing Far.”

This month, Louisiana State University fired—outright fired—a tenured professor of education, Teresa Buchanan, ostensibly for creating a “hostile work environment” via sexual harassment…

I have long thought decrying “political correctness” was a politically-correct way of saying I wish to be unimpeded in my racism and sexism, and it infuriates me when this isn’t the case. Now I’m not so sure…

Still, Schuman wants her cake and wants to eat it too.

College students of America: You are entitled to an environment free of prejudice, where your disabilities and learning differences are respected and accommodated. You are entitled to a classroom free of abusive language and slurs. And you are entitled to your trigger warnings. But garden-variety four-letter words do not fall into any of those categories. They fall into the category of adult language, and as individuals older than 18 years, you are adults. So please, students and administrators, for everyone’s sake, stop being such—well, you know.

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