Slayer – Repentless (2015)

Slayer’s new album has dropped. While I don’t expect it to rival South of Heaven or Reign in Blood, the title track “Repentless”, is as good as Slayer gets, and is as good a song as Kerry King is capable of writing. From Blabbermouth:

The “Repentless” title track is an ode to SLAYER’s late guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, who passed away in 2013. “I call it the Hannemanthem!” King said of the song. “I wrote that for Jeff. Oh, dude, it’s fast as f*ck. You don’t know what the f*ck’s coming!”

He added: “It’s my perspective of Jeff’s perspective. It’s what I think… If Jeff wrote a song for himself, ‘Repentless’ would be it.”

The video is replete with brutal violence, although the violence depicted is all-against-all.

No rules.

The incomprehensibility of primal violence.

It’s what Slayer does.

And it represents an aspect of man that is probably eternal, one that liberal fantasies imagine can someday be relegated to a thing of the past… but won’t.

Beheadings and such have been going on since the beginning of man. They’re still going on now, and strike fear and terror into their intended targets. I expect variations of this theme will be around for as long as mankind is around.

We are a species that ultimately respects — and subconsciously wants — Warriors.

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