Soros in the NYT! Gasp!

The NYT has given George Soros column space (what a surprise), to which he pens “When Hate Surges”:

George “national borders are an obstacle” Soros

But targeting immigrants and minorities with false and prejudicial rhetoric, as Mr. Trump has done during the campaign and in the early weeks of his presidency, has spurred a surge in hate acts against them. The Southern Poverty Law Center found that hate incidents reported in the first few weeks following Mr. Trump’s victory were at levels normally seen over a six-month period. No community appears safe from this rash of hate — with reports like school bullying against Muslim children, stories of Latinos being harassed on the street and told to “go back to your country,” attacks on blacks and gays, and the desecration of Jewish cemeteries. This is a country that prides itself on neighbors looking out for one another. In Donald Trump’s America, we are increasingly at one another’s throats.

Yes, the Jewish cemeteries that were hate-attacked by windstorms and leftwing black activists.

As hate incidents surged after the election last fall, I announced a $10 million investment to provide legal and social services to victims of hate crimes, to encourage local organizations across the country to do the same and to propose improvements and new ideas. This week we opened our Hate Incident Database to monitor the scope and depth of hate incidents across the country.

He’s not underwriting #Resistance activism, which is under separate cover, but is making a $10 million “investment” against “hate”!

I wonder if the Charles Murray beatdown at Middebury will make it into George’s database? Or the destruction at Milo’s Berkerely event? Or the Trump supporters beaten, and sometimes carjacked, by Blacks Behaving Badly? Or the various Muslim girls making up stories about ‘white men’ messing with their hijabs? Or the many swastikas drawn on college campuses… by liberal activists?

Having survived the Nazi persecution of Jews in Hungary, I escaped from Soviet occupation at age 17 and made my way first to Britain and then to America. This is not the America that attracted me. I have seen the damage done when societies succumb to the fear of the “other.” And I will do all I can to help preserve the openness, inclusiveness and diversity that represent our greatest strength.

Demonizing immigrants weakens our country. Fighting against hate crimes makes us grow stronger together.

It’s always 1933.

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