Stefan Molyneux vs. The Fascist

Stefan’s interlocutor (let’s call him The Fascist) gets the better of him on this one. Having been red-pilled in recent years, SM is struggling to preserve his anarcho-libertarian fetishization of individual ‘choice’, and the axiom of NAP, as the solution to the ills of post-modernity.

Listen to SM get testy. Listen to his response to The Fascist’s perfectly rational, trade-protectionist ‘Mexican corn’ example (39:00). Listen to SM’s promotion of job automation as a potential ‘solution’ to the corn example, and how he skirts the longterm consequences this approach entails.

Listen to SM mock The Fascist and then, some minutes later, get irate and accuse The Fascist of mocking him (43:00). Odd for someone who constantly cites psychological ‘projection’ as an operative dynamic in today’s cultural discourse.

Most unattractive is SM’s penchant for hurling his repeated, dismissive, ad hominem, “Have you ever owned a business? Well, until you have you don’t know what you’re talking about” jabs. This is disappointing, given that SM says he prizes reason and logic above all else.

I’m a fan of SM (as a polemicist from which to orient and hone one’s own position) but this was not one of his better moments.

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