Stockholm Intifada: Day 4

The Stockholm Intifada goes into its 4th night.

They’ve got a lot of catching up to do with the Paris Intifada, as the Religion of Peace-ers only torched 30 cars last night.

And proof of the discrimination faced by Muslim immigrants:

Among immigrants from countries outside the European Union, the percentage of people out of work or in job programs was 16.5 per cent in 2011, compared with 5.7 per cent for ethnic Swedes, according to Statistics Sweden. Last year, 23 per cent of municipal Stockholm’s 881,235 inhabitants came from outside Sweden.

All you need is ‘disparate impact’. Poof! Instant proof of discrimination!

From the Guardian, we can see both the Left’s kneejerk reaction and a growing, immigration-oriented Right:

The left-leaning tabloid Aftonbladet said the riots represented a “gigantic failure” of government policies, which had underpinned the rise of ghettos in the suburbs.

As unemployment has grown, the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party has risen to third in polls ahead of a general election due next year, reflecting many voters’ worries that immigrants may be partly to blame.

I love the ‘debate has tended to focus’ line:

While many of the immigrant population are from Nordic neighbours closely tied to Sweden by language or culture, the debate has tended to focus on poor asylum seekers from distant war zones.

Out of a total 103,000 immigrants last year, 43,900 were asylum seekers, almost 50% up from 2011. Nearly half of these were refugees from fighting in Syria, Afghanistan or Somalia, and will get at least temporary residency.

Muslim immigrants seeking ‘asylum’ from hotspots where radical Islam is prevalent? Now, why would there be anything powderkeg-ish about that?

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