Sudden Jihad Syndrome: Man Accused of Plotting Massacre

Stuff like this is now so common, it’s page 3 news:

A man accused of planning a massacre at a Milwaukee Masonic temple was reportedly placed on suicide watch Wednesday at the jail where he is being held.

Samy Mohammed Hamzeh, 23, was charged with unlawfully possessing a machine gun and receiving and possessing improperly registered firearms in what authorities say was a planned mass shooting at the temple. Hamzeh made a court appearance Tuesday and told the judges the charges against him are untrue, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which obtained an audio recording of the hearing and posited it on its website…

Hamzeh is accused to kill at least 30 people at an unidentified Milwaukee Masonic temple…

“We are Muslims, defending Muslim religion,” he said, according to the criminal complaint. “We have our own group, not with Hamas … we are here defending Islam, young people together join to defend Islam, that’s it, that is what our intention is.”

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