Tablet’s Anxiety

Over at Tablet, they are kvetching about the prospects of Keith Ellison becoming the DNC head:

Hon. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, America’s first Muslim Congressman, has put himself forward for the job of Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. Heavy hitters on Ellison’s side include the country’s ranking Democrat, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.  But what looked like a shoo-in in the days immediately following Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss now threatens to be de-railed by questions about Ellison’s longtime association with one of America’s leading anti-semites, Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam. A summary of Ellison’s connections to Farrakhan, and a response from Ellison, can be found here.

But Ellison’s associations with Farrakhan may not be the only possible skeletons in the Congressman’s closet with the potential to deter some Jewish Democrats. In 2009, Ellison was the object of a months-long House Ethics Committee investigation for failing to report a trip to Mecca that was paid for by the Muslim American Society, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in the U.S. Ellison’s record of attending events sponsored by Muslim groups that, according to FBI reports, are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, is a long one—and his speaking engagements on the fringes of the pro-Palestine movement have repeatedly brought him into contact with figures that might make even some progressive Democrats uncomfortable.

I’m confused…. Raising questions about Ellison…. Doesn’t that make one ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘racist’?

Oh, what is a progressive to do?!

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