(((The Avengers)))

A group of Jews who called themselves The Avengers hoped to kill 6 million German civilians… as revenge for the Holocaust. From The Daily Mail:

Long-lost tapes reveal details of a foiled plan by the Jewish Avengers to kill six million Germans by poisoning the country’s water supply in revenge for the Holocaust.

Film maker Avi Merkado found ten tapes, buried in a museum in Israel, which detailed how a band of Jewish partisans formed after the Second World War.

The recordings – which have never been heard in public – are at the heart of a new documentary entitled Holocaust: The Revenge Plot, due to air on January 27…

They claim that the late Israeli Presidents, Chaim Weizmann and Ephraim Katzir, were instrumental in helping the Avengers acquire the poison they needed for their audacious plot.

They describe how Avengers’ agents infiltrated the waterworks of four German cities – Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Munich – but plans to poison the water supplies were foiled when Kovner was arrested at sea.

The Jewish Avengers did, however, succeed in poisoning some 2,000 German POWs:

And they talk about their second mass murder attempt to poison the bread of 50,000 SS officers in Prisoner of War camps in Nuremberg and Munich, which was more successful, striking down up to 2,000 victims.

I’ve never heard of this incident and I’ll bet you didn’t either.

Ask yourself why.

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