The Ballad of Korryn Gaines

Another black behaving badly, killed by the poh-leese, and then the dead black’s family are made millionaires at the taxpayers’ expense. (“Baltimore County jury awards $37M to family of police shooting victim”).

You read that right: $37 million.

And then there are the names. Oh, the names. The more ‘Random Scrabble Letter’ a black’s name is = the more ghetto they are.

The dead black was a 23 year old woman named Korryn Gaines. Her fiancé is named Kareem Courtney, and her mother named Rhanda Dormeus. Gaines has a 5 year old son named Kodi and a daughter named Karsyn (age unknown).

What happened? Details are thin, but basically cops arrive at Gaines’ apartment to serve an arrest warrant on someone for something. The whole family is in the apartment. Police arrive at the apartment and, presumably, knock on the door announcing their presence. After the police arrive, Courtney leaves the apartment with Karsyn, but Gaines stays inside with Kodi, refusing to let the police in and then donning a shotgun. (Y’know, the basic shotgun every ghetto person in the hood has in their apartment.) Gaines says she believes the arrest warrant is fraudulent.

A 6-hour standoff with police ensues, eventually ending when SWAT Officer Royce Ruby (I can’t find any info on what race he is, but from Gaines’ video of the encounter, he appears white) shoots and kills Gaines, wounding Kodi in the process, but not before Gaines gets a couple rounds off from her pump shotgun.

Ruby has since been cleared of any wrongdoing and has actually since been promoted to Corporal.

The best paragraph from a Baltimore Sun story on the verdict:

Family attorney J. Wyndal Gordon donned a Colin Kaepernick jersey before speaking to reporters. He said he was “filled with pride” that the jury made a decision to make the family whole.

Oh, and there’s this:

Gaines had a distrust of police and her family’s lawyers acknowledged she had mental illness that caused her to possibly be detached from reality.

This page has various cell phone video snippets and other info on the case. One paragraph that cracked me up:

In a phone conversation she recorded with a police negotiator, Gaines described her March traffic stop as traumatic, saying that she had been mistreated by police and that it led to her miscarriage of twins. The negotiator told Gaines that the police, at this point, could not simply leave. Gaines said she believed that the officers at her door were trying to take her back to the Woodlawn precinct, where she said she had been mistreated. She told the negotiator about Courtney being in prison, and said the police were again trying to disrupt their peaceful family life.

From the transcript of Ruby’s testimony, Gaines yelled the following at the Fuzz:

  • She talked about her prior arrest as an unjust kidnapping by the police and the Government.
  • The Government had kidnapped her fiancé.
  • Police were all devils.
  • Police were only at the location because she was black.
  • When she and her son were dead the news would report it and the world would know.
  • It would be worth it as long as long as she took at least one of us with her.
  • She absolutely was not coming out of the apartment.

Another telling angle of how pathologically f*cked the black ghetto subculture is:

Police say they asked Facebook to shut down Gaines’ page and her Instagram account during the standoff because her followers were encouraging her not to surrender…

How instilled this Black Persecution Complex is quite evident in this video snippet from a previous encounter Gaines had with Racist White Poh-Leese:

In March, Gaines was arrested by county police for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and other charges after being pulled over on traffic violations not far from her home. In videos she recorded of that encounter, she discussed incidents of police brutality and killings of black people across the country.

I must say, however, her prediction at the 14:25 marker is quite accurate.

Then, process to yourself what she tells her 5 year old son at the 17:30 marker:

“You see what they do to us, right? You fight them. They are not for us. They want to kill us. And you never, ever back down from them.”

And, so, the cycle of perpetual poverty, hostility, incivility, and anti-white animus marches forward, deepening and worsening from generation to generation.

It is worth pointing out that Gaines is a hero (“a fearless, unapologetic black woman”) to Angry Blacks, Inc. and their *** empathizers at DemocracyNow!

Like David Koresh in Waco, types like Gaines have a death wish, a self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘death by the poh-leese’. For ghetto blacks, this sense of persecution (framed in their own minds as part of a larger, greater-than-oneself, ‘struggle for racial justice’) provides deep meaning to their otherwise insignificant, unproductive, low IQ lives.

Moral of the story: If you point a gun at cops, you might get shot. But if you are black, and get shot, you’re surviving family members may win the Lotto.

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