The End of the Patience of Civic Nationalism

One thing that has been a real phenomenon, relatively speaking, is the number of A-level conservative pundits who are reaching the end of their Civic Nationalism’s patience. First was Ann Coulter, who quickly and decidedly went from worshipping Chris Christie to embracing VDARE. As a neighbor of Rush Limbaugh’s, she certainly has steered Rush to sites like VDARE, AmRen, and writers such as the unparalleled Steve Sailer.

Tucker Carlson has been getting increasingly red-pilled of late, and now we have Laura Ingraham citing Steve Sailer’s “Elect a new people” meme. Sailer’s ‘New Electorate’ meme has really taken off in the past 12 months, as did his previous ‘invade the world, invite the world’ meme, and before that his famous ‘Sailer Strategy’.

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