The Flight 93 Election

The most talked about Alt Right piece this week was inarguably “The Flight 93 Election” by Publius Decius Mus. (I haven’t had a chance to read the piece, but intend to.)

At VDARE, James Kirkpatrick fills us in:

[The late Phyllis] Schlafly said a few months ago Donald Trump wasn’t just her choice for president but the “last hope for America”—specifically identifying immigration as a critical issue.  [Phyllis Schlafly: Trump is ‘Last Hope for America’, WND, December 20, 2015] Unlike many of Founding Generation, Schlafly realized, and had been pointing out for years, that mass immigration means the end for conservatism, a national Republican party, and the existence of the American nation itself.

This is the great question. It means Conservatism Inc. can’t just pretend it’s business as usual if Trump loses. Even if they somehow “purge” the Alt Right, why should anyone continue to pay attention to Conservatism Inc. now that it has been shown to be electorally irrelevant?

In a recent much-discussed piece outlining the stakes in 2016, which he called the “Flight 93 election,” the author “Decius,” star of the late, much-missed Journal of American Greatness, ripped the long record of failure of the Beltway Right and accused it of not understanding, or simply not caring, about the existential threat that mass, non-traditional immigration poses to conservatism.

And grassroots fury with Conservatism Inc. is clearly building, even among those we think of as “mainstream” conservatives with a mass audience. For example, Rush Limbaugh read and discussed the piece at length on his radio program on Wednesday.   He also blasted the lack of ready reaction from conservative intellectuals and suggested this was implicit proof “Decius” was right—“that it hit home so that people don’t want to react to it, just ignore it when somebody hits you with legitimate criticism, ignore it, don’t amplify it, don’t respond to it” [The Silence of the Never Trumpers, RushLimbaugh, September 8, 2016].

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