The Frankfurt School Goes to the Movies

Over at The Right Stuff, there’s a good post on “The Frankfurt School Goes to the Movies”:

The Frankfurt School was a Jewish intellectual movement beginning in Weimar Germany, which rejected Marxist class warfare (Klassenkampf) for cultural warfare (Kulturkampf). Disappointed with the triumph of fascism in Europe and the rise of a totalitarian state in the Soviet Union (especially when Joseph Stalin purged the formerly Jewish-dominated Bolshevik Party), the Frankfurt School determined that the reason for Communism’s failure was ethno-centrism, anti-Semitism, and authoritarian personality traits in the Gentile proletariat. So long as these personality traits existed – which the Frankfurt School believed stemmed from childhood – the Gentile proletariat would continue to fall short of their revolution and utopia. Using Freudian psychoanalysis (itself another Jewish intellectual movement) to seek and destroy these personality traits, the Frankfurt School “pathologized” healthy and high-functioning human behavior as “ethno-centric,” “anti-Semitic,” and “authoritarian.” Only when these personality traits were removed could true Communism be achieved. According to Kevin B. MacDonald, author of a three-volume study of Jewish group evolutionary strategy, “At a deep level the Frankfurt School is addressed to altering Western societies in an attempt to make them resistant to anti-Semitism by pathologizing Gentile group affiliations.”

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