The League of Shadows

Jef Costello gets at a gnawing feeling I’ve been having myself.

And then, of course, we talked about the extraordinary events of just the past year: Brexit and the Trump victory. And the Left’s apparent descent into stark raving madness. Like me, my friend finds the latter to be terribly amusing and gratifying. But he surprised me when he confessed that, on another level, he found it somewhat frightening. This was surprising to me because his feelings are my own – and I thought perhaps I was the only one. The only one of us who has found the Left’s recent antics not just amusing but downright ominous.

He said to me, “I feel like if Trump fails, if he’s driven from office or not re-elected, and if the Left gets back in they are going to pull out all the stops. They are going to make damned sure that something like this never happens again. They will shut us all down. They will shut down all the sites. They will pass laws that will criminalize what we write and say.” He got quiet for a few seconds, then said, probably thinking of his wife and children, “I believe it’s a real possibility that I could go to jail.”…

My friend said more. He said, “I’ve had this shock of recognition. For years I thought these Leftists were full of crap. I thought some of them were honestly mistaken, and some were dishonest. I actually liked some of them on a personal level, though I thought they were a pernicious influence. Mostly I just thought they were ridiculous. But now something has shifted. The masks have fallen away and now I realize – I know who these people are. I recognize them. We’ve seen them before. These ridiculous weaklings demanding safe spaces and whining on and on about hateful words, these folks in pussy hats with purple hair freely selecting from among fifty-two genders are in reality the same people who sent dissenters off to the Gulag, or confined them to psychiatric hospitals. The same people who operated the Great Purge, and the Cultural Revolution.”

Commenter Vehmgericht writes:

I believe that President Trump will fall: he is too compromised or he is not truly equal to the job — an impossible one in any case. And yes the backlash will be terrible. At the first opportunity measures will be put in place, quietly at first, to be ensure nothing like a Trump presidency can happen again. And then it will no longer be safe to publically endorse any Trumpian policies. If you doubt this can happen you should look to Europa…

Do not be deceived by the Social Justice idiots you might see on YouTube: the Liberal Left and the Corporations are co-belligerents in this war against you. They play to win, they have and make the Law and they are not dismayed by any cartoon frogs. The unthinking masses are with them still, in the name of decency and kindness, but also in fear of their livelihoods…

Only when some western nation collapses under a burden of migration and taxation, as I believe will happen in my lifetime, will the average man and woman think again, and then will be the Moment. Until then you must resist silently, train and prepare yourself and educate those you love and can fully trust. In this way the flame will be kept alive.

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