The Natural Trajectory of ‘Minority Rights’

An idea I have become interested in recently is to logically think through how P.C., with its cultural, ‘moral’, and even legislative advances, will continue to shift the balances of power within American society and the West in general.

Demography is destiny, so as today’s “minorities” become the collective majority, will the vast array of race-based protections and ‘positive rights’, affirmative action type programs then cease.

Not likely. Such programs, which were (and are) purposely designed to exclude whites, whose historically sinful past must always be placed in check, won’t ever go away.

As long as there is a black ghetto in the U.S., or anywhere else in the world for that matter, whites will still be expected to pay.

There won’t ever be a magical moment when the new Diversity™ power brokers suddenly realize: “Okay, we’re all even now, we can end our race-based lens.” To believe otherwise would be as naïve as believing the election of an African-American to the highest office in the United States would usher in a ‘post-racial’ phase of our history.

In addition to this, the natural trajectory of human nature (and, by extension, newly emboldened, racially-conscious, non-white ethnocentrists) is such that those who suddenly gain power don’t usually like to give it up.

It will likely only be ceded by force.

Steve Sailer touches upon similar themes in his Taki column “The Ultimate Minority Right“:

The Democrats, for example, have long boasted of their plan to import tens of millions of foreigners and then figure out some way to give them the vote so the Democrats can enjoy a permanent racial and electoral majority.

Now, you might think that when the old majority becomes a minority, it would then get minority rights.

But that’s not how it works.

Whites can’t become a certified minority; they will always be the legacy majority. The closer we get to the future when whites are a minority, the more we hear about their ancestors’ sins, their ineradicable hereditary guilt, their corruption of blood.

Nor will minorities give up their minority privileges, such as affirmative action.

As part of this drive for the final minority rights—becoming a majority—American elites now frequently switch the moral denominator from their responsibility to do what’s good for American citizens to doing what’s putatively good for all 7.3 billion earthlings.

Of this point, explored by Raspail in Camp of the Saints, the inherent teleology of pathological altruism is one of collective cultural suicide, analogous to the pious Christian who gives away all his food and clothes to the poor only to be left starving and shivering himself… yet is still adamant he made the correct ethical decision.

Now imagine this same pious person has kids, the latter without food or clothes themselves. In what kinds of ways will the kids make sense of their dispossession?

Witness the Trump and Sanders phenomena, for starters.

What will the next phase of an increasingly polarized American polity be?

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