The NYT’s Readership Diversity

Recently, the NYT took a walk on the wild side by publishing 15 very brief, pro-Trump letters “[i]n the spirit of open debate, and in hopes of helping readers who agree with us better understand the views of those who don’t, we wanted to let Mr. Trump’s supporters make their best case for him as the first year of his presidency approaches its close.”

FWIW, at least half of these pro-Trump letters are from Jews. (Letters to the Editor are a function of readership, and this is a telling representation of the NYT’s narrow readership demographics.)

Then, today the Grey Lady published “The Furor Over a Forum for Trump Fans” which contains 7 letters from readers upset that such pro-Trump letters were allowed. Regarding these 7 letters, they are written by:

  • A Jew from NY
  • Someone named ‘Ben Jones’ from Kalamazoo MI.
  • A Jew from Portland OR.
  • Someone named ‘Julie Tebo’ from Cleveland Height OH.
  • A Jew from Austin TX
  • Someone named ‘Jennifer Gervais’ from Corvallis, OR
  • A Jew from NY

What diversity!

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