The Same Tired Old Song

Peter Beinart is a well known, liberal Jewish writer who sees neo-Nazis behind every tree. (For instance, he characterized Trump’s Warsaw speech as deploying the term ‘West’ as a dog whistle for ‘white Christianity’, which, you see, is identical to neo-Nazism.)

Beinart has an article in the Jewish Daily Forward titled “The One Thing Jews Should Be Doing To Combat White Supremacy”, in which he admonishes his fellow Jews to be proactive in dissuading gentiles from ‘white supremacism’ (a term liberals use for white identitarianism):

For synagogues, countering the conditions that produce neo-Nazism might involve assisting a church in a troubled area…

To some Jews, these proposals might sound bizarre, even offensive. We’re supposed to help people who want us dead? What about all those non-Nazis who face economic and cultural problems? Don’t they have a better claim on our concern?

Sure, but it’s not zero sum. Combatting the hopelessness and misery that afflict many rural and de-industrialized American communities wouldn’t only benefit young white men at risk of turning to organized racism;it would also benefit their neighbors, some of whom are Latino and black.

The point is that because Jews occupy a different place in contemporary American society than did Jews in other societies facing rising anti-Semitism, we can respond in different ways. Of course, as Jews have for centuries, we must band together for self-protection. But as a successful, well-established, political influential community, we can also confront the dysfunction and despair that leads some of our fellow Americans to scapegoat us.

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