The Unfinished Project, Pt. 461,288

Miami Herald: “Obama emphasizing future on 50th anniversary of Selma march“:

For President Barack Obama, returning to the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, on Saturday is as much about shaping the future as it is commemorating a seminal civil rights event 50 years ago.

Obama will be accompanied by his wife and daughters when he joins elected officials and civil rights leaders following the path of the demonstrators for voting rights who were met on March 7, 1965 by Alabama police wielding clubs and whips as they moved to break up the crowd…

“Selma is now. Selma is about the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they believe they can change the country, that they can shape our nation’s destiny,” Obama told a predominantly black crowd Friday at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. “And historically, it has been young people like you who helped lead that march.”

While they won’t say it publicly, for obvious reasons, more and more (white) people are really getting sick and tired of this sh*t.

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