The War Against New Mysterian Philosophers

I’m not saying they’re innocent or guilty, or that they weren’t baited by ambitious females looking for a payday or to strike a blow to the patriarchy, but there seems to be an SJW War Against New Mysterian Philosophers!

First it was Colin McGinn and now (providing a new twist to the “Chinese Room Argument”) it is John Searle:

A renowned philosopher and longtime University of California, Berkeley, professor groped a former student who worked for him, according to a lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court, which also claims the student was fired after she declined his advances. The professor, John R. Searle, abruptly stepped down from teaching his undergraduate philosophy course in March but still enjoys emeritus status at the university….

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Joanna Ong, 24, is seeking damages for sexual harassment and assault as well as for wrongful termination and creation of a hostile work environment.

Ong is definitely easy on the eyes, but her LinkedIn profile flashes a giant, red, SJW flag:

Creative, impact-oriented young professional with experience in social justice work, project management, and communication. I envision a world where diverse voices resolve structural causes of suffering and inequity with empathy, efficacy, and courage.


Her Twitter page leaves no doubt she is a hardcore SJW.

Will David Chalmers or Thomas Nagel be next?

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