The West vs. the Rest: Pt. 3,199,352

When this sort of thing happens in the West, it’s almost invariably committed by blacks:

Six Indian men face murder charges after a 16-year-old Indian girl they are accused of gang raping twice in October died Tuesday, a week after she said two suspects had set her on fire, according to police and news reports.

An autopsy revealed the girl was pregnant, the Hindustan Times reported. DNA tests are being conducted to determine if one of the suspects was responsible.

But this equally shocking angle of the story — in a country where a caste system still very much exists — doesn’t happen in the West:

West Bengal police and local authorities are being assailed for allegedly harassing the girl’s family and concealing her death-bed statement until Thursday. Police had treated her burning as a suicide attempt.

Wednesday, local police hijacked the hearse and tried to cremate her body, telling her family to “go back to Bihar,” their hometown, according to the Times of India. Her parents said some officers and local “goons” tried to force her father to surrender the required death certificate.

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