The West vs. The Rest: Syria Edition

It’s time to celebrate the diversity of Syria’s muslim sectarian fanatics “freedom fighters”.

Abu Sakkar, a founder of the militant Farouq Brigade, is filmed eating a man’s liver.

BEIRUT — A graphic video allegedly showing a Syrian rebel cutting open a pro-government fighter’s chest and biting into one of his internal organs…

In it, a man identified as a rebel commander bends over a body and cuts open the chest with a knife before standing to face the camera with an organ in each hand. “I swear to God, we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog,” he declares, before lifting the flesh to his mouth and biting it, to shouts of “God is great!”…

The video follows similarly graphic battlefield material released in recent months, including an image that purports to show a rebel barbecuing the severed head of a government fighter.

And what of the dead guy who’s lung Abu is eating? We’re not exactly talking Thomas Jefferson here either:

In an interview with Time magazine, Abu Sakkar said he had no regrets, explaining that his men had discovered a video clip on the soldier’s cellphone of a woman and her two daughters naked. “He was humiliating them, and sticking a stick here and there,” he said.

 To wit:

“This distressing incident is one example of warfare gone completely askew, but it clearly doesn’t represent the Syrian opposition at large,” said Julien Barnes-Dacey of the European Council for Foreign Relations in London. “It doesn’t compare in scale with massacres and atrocities committed by the Syrian regime. But it does play into fears about where the conflict is going and whether arming the rebels is the right approach…

“These are rebels fighting in distinct areas according to their own needs and ambitions. Some are driven by a thirst for revenge, criminalisation, sectarianism … These are the array of forces that have been unleashed in Syria today.”

These are the types our CIA is running guns to.

This is a part of the world ‘liberal internationalists’ like McCain and Graham want us to be further enmeshed in.

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