Thursday Blues

Trump01There’s a million articles like this out today, with a million more in the months to come. Here’s but one from today’s Politico, currently their #1 trending story (“Obama reeling from gut punch of Trump win”):

Tuesday’s stunner is about Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings, and in retrospect, about the absurd clearing of the Democratic field for a candidate deeply flawed. But it is more about the reality of a country that not even many of Trump’s aides and supporters appeared to fully grasp.

That country is every battleground state Trump swept through, despite not having the sophisticated data and turnout operations, despite not having all of the demographic advantages that many in both parties, the media and everywhere else believed through Tuesday evening might keep Republicans from winning a presidential election unless and until it completed a major reconstruction.

“Never been as wrong on anything on my life,” tweeted Obama’s 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe, who had been advising Clinton’s campaign throughout. “Sobriety about what happened tonight is essential”.

Elsewhere, the piece cites as pretty-much-fact that the “Democratic Party that has apparently lost touch with the country.”


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