Tom Kawczynski: Latest Victim of Anti-White Hysteria

Another white man loses his job because of his political views. This time it is Tom Kawczynski, who was employed as a Town Manager in Jackman, Maine.

An alt-right town manager in rural Maine who founded an organization advocating racial separation has been fired after his prolific online posts bashing Islam and diversity caught national attention over the weekend.

Jackman, Maine’s board of selectmen voted 4-0 to give Tom Kawczynski the boot Tuesday morning…

What are Kawczynski’s outrageous and unacceptable views?

Kawczynski, who recently founded the New Albion group “emphasizing the positive aspects of our European heritage,” per its website, had previously called Islam barbaric and the “scourge of Western civilization.” He remained defiant on his way out, telling a crowd of townspeople and media who’d gathered to watch the meeting that he wasn’t a racist and was fired “without cause.”

“We are open to all ethnicities, all races,” he said. “And I reject categorically the suggestion that I am a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, or any of the other foul names which have been attributed to me or my wife.”

He added this: “But I do love white people and I love white people as white people.”

Incredibly vile and racist material can be found on the New Albion website, such as the full contents of the Our Values page:


We respect nature, both in terms of our abundantly beautiful environment and also in seeking a better understanding of men based upon truth about strengths, weaknesses, similarities and differences.


We exist as a unique combination of European and American influences, and we encourage culture that builds upon these traditions and imagines a new future inclusive of our unique identity.


We proudly reflect the best traditions of our past, drawing upon many different European traditions with a special emphasis on the English, French, Irish, and other peoples who primarily settled New England.


We think about how our actions impact the future and encourage that sort of mindfulness in all our activities.  We believe we have been gifted our past and are caretakers for the future.


We bring our ideas to our communities, giving reason for pride, celebration, and a positive embrace of our identity, our ideas, and our ideals.

Of Kawczynski’s views, the Usual Suspects express their shock and dismay:

Kawczynski, 37, told the Bangor Daily News that he wants to preserve this region’s white majority and keep out Muslims, but rejected the idea that his views are racist, saying that people of different racial backgrounds are welcome in his movement as long as their culture is “rooted in Western civilization.”

“Wow,” said Zachary Heiden, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine, when asked about Kawczynski’s views. “That’s shockingly racist.”

Kawczynski said, “We are pro-white without being anti-other groups in terms of their racial identity. But we … oppose the idea of bringing people in from the outside that come from different cultures…

In a post on the group’s website, Kawczynski wrote that “while I am not an absolutist on race, understanding the many complications created by the American system, I do believe to the extent we voluntarily separate, the happier every group will be as they regain self-determination.” Another post refers to Islam as “barbarism.”

At a press conference after his firing, Kawczynski wisely chose to read an eloquent statement and take no media questions, the best strategy for anyone in similar circumstances.

If you want to help this guy out with a donation (he’s got a wife and he’s out in rural Maine), this New Albion page has donation ways and means including FreeStartr and Bitcoin, etc.

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