Trans Activism Threatening Women’s Colleges Mission

The logical entailments of World War T surrealism are great fun to witness. It is perfectly analogous to how liberal, heterosexual white male guilt fueled the progressive eradication (through charges of ‘racism’) of all things white, male, and heterosexual.

In The New Republic 2.0 is an article titled “Trans Activism Is Threatening Women’s Colleges’ Mission”, which has the following byline: “Campus fights to erase references to women are indistinguishable from old-school misogyny.” From the piece:

Last week, Bryn Mawr College, my alma mater, announced that it would begin accepting applications from transwomen, becoming the fourth women’s college in the United States to do so. Indeed, two other women’s colleges, Mount Holyoke and Mills College, have gone one step farther and begun accepting transmen. “A Mills senior and cisgender female ally recently spoke to me about a change she’s seen at her school in the past four years,” Dr. Adrian Scott Duane, who identifies as a transsexual man and activist, wrote in The Advocate in October. “Mills, she said, was starting to feel like ‘a college for people of marginalized genders’—trans men, trans women, cis women, and nonbinary folks.”…

At Wellesley, as The New York Times Magazine reported last year, students have replaced references to the sisterhood with “siblinghood,” and, when one student said publicly that the benefit of attending an all-women’s college was seeing other women in leadership roles around her, a transmale student wrote to her in an email, “I am not a woman. I am a trans man who is part of your graduating class, and you literally ignored my existence in your interview. . . . You had an opportunity to show people that Wellesley is a place that is complicating the meaning of being an ‘all women’s school,’ and you chose instead to displace a bunch of your current and past Wellesley siblings.”

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