Trump Launches Physical Incarnation of Culture Wars

So… it begins.

Bernie Brothers, BLM activists, headscarved Muslim women, folks waving the Mexican flag, OWS types, and white hipsters, holding up their ‘Mein Trumpf’ signs while tearing apart pro-Trump signs, storming the stage, swinging fists, swearing like sailors, clashing with the po-lice, and causing bloodied cops.

ChicagoProtest01Whether intentionally or unintentionally, canceling Chicago was a brilliant strategic move on Trump’s part. In letting the Leftist Coalition feel emboldened, feeling that they caused Trump’s rally to be cancelled, Trump has ensured that this Leftist Coalition will show up in even greater force and bravado at some next scheduled Trump rally, most likely in some other big city with a large college campus population.

Before this future rally, of course, Trump supporters watching all this on television are no doubt getting more riled up, indignant… and focused.

Trump has brilliantly engineered here a physical embodiment of the Culture Wars writ large, moving it from the plain of the Abstract to the plane of the Concrete. The clash in Chicago is a natural midway point in the telos of our increasingly polarized and racialized culture war.

On one side: Campus, P.C, ‘shut down rather than defend free speech’ types, increasingly cocky illegal immigrants, even more cocky BLM swaggering, and misc other non-whites deploying classic, Chicago-style, Saul Alinsky tactics.

On the other side: a largely white demographic of all ages, a silent majority that is now becoming an Awakened Giant.

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