Trump = the Ghost of George Wallace

In Politico, Ben Shreckinger (ahem) has a piece actually titled “Donald Trump, Alabama and the ghost of George Wallace”.

Because, like, both Trump and Wallace had primary events in Alabama… so they’re exactly alike!

The subtitle of the piece is: “The South rises for Trump, but only 20,000 of them.”

Because when 20,000 show up for Uncle Bernie the media notes how huge that is, but with Donald it’s “only” 20,000.

Shreckinger’s piece starts:

MOBILE, Ala. — It was immigration, not segregation, that brought some 20,000 southerners — far fewer than predicted — out for Donald Trump on Friday night, but the ghost of George Wallace loomed large.

Wallace, an avowed segregationist, was the last presidential candidate to win electoral votes as a third-party candidate. The threat of Trump doing so, propelled by a hardline immigration stance that many have condemned as racist, looms over the Republican Party now as it did over the Democratic Party then…

You can’t make this stuff up.

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