Two Golden Dawn Members Murdered

It’s now tit-fot-tat.

When a country has economically imploded as deeply as Greece, amidst massive third world immigration, this sort of thing picks up steam:

ATHENS (Reuters) – A brazen drive-by shooting that killed two young members of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party has shocked Greeks and prompted soul-searching about whether the crisis-hit country is slipping into a “cycle of violence”.

Greece’s anti-terrorism force is investigating whether Friday’s rush hour shooting outside the party’s offices in Athens was retaliation for a fatal stabbing of an anti-fascism rapper by a Golden Dawn supporter in September, police said…

The two Golden Dawn supporters, aged 22 and 27 years old, were gunned down in a busy street during the evening rush hour. A third man was seriously injured in the chest and stomach and doctors said he remained in a critical condition.

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