UKIP Forgest Ahead

UKIP picked up some more important seats last week, setting the Establishment a-reeling yet again.

In The Spectator, Doug Murray has a column titled “We’re too frightened of appearing ‘racist’ to have a debate about immigration“:

A rather typical 24 hours in the life of modern Britain.  Everyone does another round of ‘we need to be able to talk about immigration.’  The main parties once again say (as though this were a great revelation to the rest of us) that it is not racist to talk about immigration.  The Labour and Conservative representatives then go on the BBC’s Question Time and claim that the Ukip candidate (now Ukip MP) for Rochester and Strood is a racist. And a Labour shadow minister mocks the awfulness of people who fly the national flag.

UKIP’s rise has so many parallels with what is happening in American politics.

When will our UKIP party emerge?

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