UKIP in U.K. = ____ in U.S.

The more the GOP fails to recognize this… the more likely this will eventually happen in the U.S. political landscape.

The political elites of both parties are deaf to what a silent majority in this country, a silent majority of whites, worry about and want action on.

This deepening tone deafness lead, eventually, to the emergency of viable third party politics.

It is happening across Western Europe, and will happen here in the States, in due time. From WaPo:

LONDON — The Conservative-led coalition of Prime Minister David Cameron just got served.

The anti-immigration U.K. Independence Party staged a dramatic surge Thursday in local elections in England and Wales, with results on Friday showing voters delivering a brutal whipping to the Conservatives and their junior coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats.

Political pundits said the results represented one of the strongest showings by a non­traditional party in Britain since World War II, with the gains underscoring the rise of populist and nationalist parties across Europe.

At the core of the party’s platform are aspirations to withdraw Britain from the European Union and impose new curbs on immigration, and the powerful showing sets U.K. Independence up to be an increasingly influential force in British politics. In recent months, its growing support in national polls had already sparked Britain’s three major parties — the Conservatives, Labor and the Liberal Democrats — to float increasingly strict proposals aimed at stemming the tide of foreigners.

On national television Friday, the party’s jubilant leader, Nigel Farage, grinned for the cameras and offered cheery thumbs-up signs, a sharp contrast to the dour faces of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, who squirmed as reporters pelted them with questions about how and why they could have lost so many seats in counties across England and Wales.

We have been abused by everybody, the entire establishment, and now they are shocked and stunned that we are getting over 25 percent of the vote everywhere we stand across the country,” Farage told the BBC. “This is a real sea change in British politics.”

And, as in the U.S., the conservative establishment (Conservatism, Inc.) joins the Left in describing such movements as racist:

The performance by a party Cameron once described as being filled with “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” raised the question of whether its gains amounted to a temporary protest vote or signaled the birth of a more powerful political movement. Farage, like Beppe Grillo — a comedian whose Five Star Movement took Italy by storm in elections in February — has used a mix of humor and charm to sell voters on a populist and anti-establishment message. It is a message that British voters appear to be responding to as never before.

So, after casual disparagement, the elites on all sides are shocked at the UKIP’s turnout:

This is a jolt against the entire political establishment,” said Tony Travers, a political analyst at the London School of Economics. “What we don’t know is whether they will disappear like snow in hot weather by the next elections or whether they become an important force.”

Pat Buchanan, whose presidential bid in ’92 was 25 years ahead of his time in making white identity and immigration central to his political platform, has a new column asking “Will A White Minority Sound The Requiem For The GOP?

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