UKIP: Time to Look in the Mirror

A ‘Brit’ (of, ahem, Indian descent), who likely got notoriety in the first place simply for being a novelty (aka, a non-white member of UKIP) has quit the party.

Guess the reason.

A British Asian leader of Ukip’s youth wing has quit the party, branding it “racist” and “terrifying”.

Sanya-Jeet Thandi, who had been introduced at Ukip’s party conference as a future leader, said the party has abandoned its core supporters and now appealed to the “stupidity of ignorant anti-immigrant voters for electoral gain”…

Nigel Farage has recently sought to rid Ukip of its racist image by appearing at a rally flanked by 40 ethnic minority supporters. At an event in London, he said: “I don’t care what you call us, but from this moment on, please do not call us a racist party.”

However, the strategy, Ms Thandi said, is not “good enough” to reverse the “form of racist populism” that had developed in the party over the last three years.

Over the last few weeks a string of Ukip candidates have been exposed as harbouring racist views. Andre Lampitt, who featured in the party’s election broadcast, was suspended after saying Ed Miliband was “not a real Brit” and describing Islam as an “evil organisation”.

Another supporter said Lenny Henry, the comedian, should emigrate to a “black country”.

Mr Farage said people with “offensive and idiotic” views had managed to join the party, despite his efforts to vet candidates and imposing a ban on former BNP and National Front members…

Miss Thandi, who grew up in Kent, became one of Mr Farage’s biggest cheerleaders, telling The Times that Mr Farage was “a babe” and describing Godfrey Bloom as “cute and so kind and hilarious, he just says things for the reaction. Lovely guy but a bit misunderstood”.

However, announcing her resignation on The Guardian website Miss Thandi said people with “racist views” had now been slipping through Ukip’s checks “time and time again”.

It’s funny how such ‘racist views’ keep slipping through…

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