Vanity Fair: “Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side”

A logical extension of GamerGate and the surreal #MeToo cult, the Cathedral’s war against anything-and-everything-disproportionately-male continues with a hilariously sanctimonious Vanity Fair piece on wealthy Silicon Valley founders and their freewheelin’ lifestyle choices (“Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side”):

Some of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley are regulars at exclusive, drug-fueled, sex-laced parties—gatherings they describe not as scandalous, or even secret, but as a bold, unconventional lifestyle choice. Yet, while the guys get laid, the women get screwed. In an adaptation from her new book, Brotopia, Emily Chang exposes the tired and toxic dynamic at play.

Extraordinarily wealthy men are using money to attract physically attractive women. Such a new and horrifying phenomenon!

And physically attractive women (called ‘founder hounders’) are using their looks to try and bag extraordinarily wealthy men. (Well, let’s de-emphasize that part of the equation.)

In reporting worthy of Rolling Stone, Chang talks to ‘Ava’:

… Ava, a young female entrepreneur, rolls her eyes. According to Ava, who asked me to disguise her real identity and has dated several founders, it’s the men, not the women, who seem obsessed with displays of wealth and privilege. She tells of being flown to exotic locations, put up in fancy hotels, and other ways rich men have used their money to woo her. Backing up Ava’s view are the profiles one finds on dating apps where men routinely brag about their tech jobs or start-ups. In their online profiles, men are all but saying, “Hello, would you like to come up to my loft and see my stock options?”…

Ava, who has dated several founders, allowed them to fly her to exotic locations and put her up in fancy hotels, had no idea what the game plan here was. She was just a naive babe in the woods… taken advantage of by unscrupulous cishet men. Apparently, “no thank you” is not in her vocabulary. In any event, she seems like a perfectly reliable source for objective information for this story.

Ava was working as an executive assistant at Google when she ran into her married boss at a bondage club in San Francisco. He was getting a blow job from a woman strapped to a spanking bench who was being entered by another man from behind.

Ava must’ve been looking for a hip new yoga studio and innocently stumbled into a bondage club. But don’t make any assumptions about her from this fact, you slut-shamer!

Ava and her boss, an engineer, locked eyes but didn’t exchange a word and never spoke of the encounter again. However, a few months later, at a Google off-site event, another married male colleague approached her. “He hits on me, and I was like, What are you doing? Don’t touch me. Who are you again? He was like, I know who you are. The other guys said you like all this stuff.” Someone had outed Ava. She quit working at Google shortly thereafter.

Was her boss named Haven Monahan?


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