Vicente Fox (D) in 2020

Former Mexican President Vicente ‘F-bomb’ Fox provides a satire that, with sufficient years of Dem control of government, could probably someday find its way to reality:

Fox, 75, who served as president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, has launched a mock 2020 presidential campaign against the sitting U.S. president. In a series of anti-Trump tweets and videos, Fox addresses myriad issues affecting the American people.

In a video released Sept. 7, Fox, calling Trump “last year’s rotting Halloween pumpkin,” says: “Donald, every time I make fun of you, which I do a lot, people say, ‘Why can’t you be our president?’ America, I feel your pain. We all do. And that is why today I am proud to announce my candidacy for president of the United States.”

The five-minute video opens with Fox wearing a hat with a vulgar expression, features him holding up his middle finger at times and introduces his campaign mascot: a goat wearing two signs: “Vicente for Presidente!” and “A taco truck on every corner!” The clip also shows a mariachi band crooning about Trump.

Fox adds, “if that worn-out baseball glove tightly gripping a turd can be president, then amigos, anyone can.” And “Donald, you suck so much at this job.”

Stay classy, Vicente!

BTW, it’s tough to get through all 5+ minutes of this unfunny bit.

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