Walker Percy Weekend

Watching this promo for the annual Walker Percy Weekend, which cuck extraordinaire Rod Dreher helped launch (it’s “a glimpse at what a Jewish immigrant gave to a small Southern town”), made me quite sad.

Except for the hired black hands of the piano player providing background ragtime music, it’s all whites in attendance. What clobbers the viewer is how Walker Percy, and the Southern gentility he represents, is SWPL.

And what saddens me most is how pathetic and marginalized these whites are, dwindling in number to the point where they treat a few dozen attendees as a rousing success… a prime example of boomer navel-gazing & hipster posturing, while the wider culture around them disintegrates (or is otherwise fundamentally transformed by The Other.)

Imagine a Walker Percy Weekend organized and attended by proud whites, confident and assertive in their cultural heritage, passionately debating Percy’s message and place within the context of White Civilization as it stood in the 20th century, and what elements of Percy’s legacy we might seek to nurture as we press on into a 21st century whose dominant social forces salivate at the idea of a soft white genocide.

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